POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Booster Blends Recovery (225g)

POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Booster Blends Recovery (225g)


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Boost your recovery and re-balance your body when it requires replenishment of vital nutrients with this Booster Blend of certified organic plant-based ingredients. Recovery Booster Blend powder has a delightful full-bodied, earthy taste with a touch of sweetness.

Claims and Benefits

  • Source of fibre which contributes to regular laxation
  • Source of potassium

- necessary for normal water and electrolyte balance 
- contributes to normal muscle function

  • Good source of vitamin C which contributes to: 

- normal immune system function
- a reduction in tiredness and fatigue
- cell protection from free radical damage

  • Good source of folate

- necessary for normal blood formation
- contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue

  • Source of iodine

- necessary for normal production of thyroid hormones

  • Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin
  • Contain antioxidants. fucoidan and nitrates

Booster Blends are designed to be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle for an added boost of nutrients.

Ingredients: Beetroot Powder*, Goji Berry Juice Powder*, Camu Camu Fruit Powder*, Wakame Leaf Powder* *Certified Organic Ingredients

Net Weight: 225g

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