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Clif Energy Bar - 12 x Chocolate Chip (68g)
Tamara Wilton T.W. Tamara W.
Cliff Energy Bar - 12 x chocolate chip

Shipping was extremely fast for the price and everything was packaged amazingly

POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Cacao Powder (1kg)
Melinda Becker M.B. Melinda B.
5 star

POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Cacao Powder (1kg)

5 star

Great service
Many thanks

PSA Whey Protein Isolate (1kg)
Mrs Deborah M.D. Mrs D.
5 star

Excellent product

5 star

Cellfood Concentrate Formula - Liquid (30ml)

Lamington Paleo Bars

These are my daughter's favourite bar - really fantastic. The only downside, lately every bar has hard bits within, we are thinking maybe date seed?

Hi Janet, Thank you for your review - we will forward your feedback on to the manufacturer. Kind regards, The LYFE Team. | | Follow-up. Hi Janet, we contacted the manufacturer and received the following reply: We apologise for the poor experience with our Paleo Bar and understand how unpleasant it is to bite down on a hard fragment, and it is most likely a date pit. Whilst we strive to make our bars as convenient and practical as possible, we also make sure to only use whole food ingredients in as minimally processed a state as possible. We only ever use whole dates and whole nuts which is why we occasionally run across date pits and nut shell fragments. We do have a system of metal detection, x-ray and visual checking in place to mitigate the incidence of this occurring but, as you found out, it can't be 100% guaranteed. We have included a warning on our wrappers for this reason, though I understand that this doesn't make it any less unpleasant for you. We're in the process of sourcing date and apricot paste in order to reduce the amount of hard fragments in our mix, as well as machinery to sieve our whole nuts to reduce any fragments of shell. Please also let them know they can contact us with the expiry date and flavour so we can keep a record of it as well. The Blue Dinosaur Team
4 star

The product is great. Got lost in shipment, but the customer service guys were great, keeping me informed and chasing it down for me. Really good customer service,, guys .. keep it up!

Hi Keith, Thanks for getting in touch with us. For any issues with deliveries, feel free to contact us directly via phone or email. As per the details on our shipping page: , deliveries to Western Australia may take up to 10 working days. You placed an order on Friday, May 26 after 10am AEST, missing the pick-up for that day. This means your order was dispatched on Monday morning, May 29 and should arrive to you by the end of this week. Please let us know if it doesn't, and contact us directly at 1300 077 700 or In the future, feel free to contact us directly with any product or shipping issues. Thanks again for shopping with us and let us know how we can be of further assistance. LYFE Team
Quick Delivery - Great service

Bought 4XSunwarrior Classic Rice Protein and received 2 days later. Great service, quick delivery.

Tasty stuff

I am thoroughly enjoying the Jason products I ordered. Both tasty and effective. This mouthwash is really nice.

Fantastic and fast!

So fast and efficient and the cheapest I have found. Thank you.

The most delicious flavour

I love these bars so much! And I would say this is one of my favourite flavours, defiantly one to try

Cellfood Concentrate Formula - Liquid (30ml)
Margaret Erceg M.E. Margaret E.

Thank you for my recent order. Got it quicker than I anticipated and the price is excellent will definite be purchasing products with you in the future.
Gaile Erceg

Great product

So yummy.
(Pity about the courier..... they were not too on the ball.)

Dear C S Thank you for the review and feedback. In the future, should you have any difficulties with couriers/shipping services, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to resolve them for you ASAP. Thank you again for shopping with us and we look forward to your next visit. LYFE team
Mud magic toothpaste

Excellent delivery and excellent product, really happy for your service

Excellent Service!

Ordered express in the early morning, arrived later that same morning!

One of the favourites

The perfect guilt free sweet snack.

Great service and fast processing

My order arrived quickly and the follow up service was exemplary. Give Lyfe a try and be happy


Great product awesome taste and filled with energy. Super fast shipping, top job Lyfe!

Highly recommend!

Awesome price and super fast delivery! Literally received next day, within 24 hours.

5 star

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - (946ml)

5 star

Works wonders

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - (946ml)
Lorraine Enniss L.E. Lorraine E.

Easy purchase, great service

Hemp Seeds - Organic Hulled (1kg)
eunyoung lee e.l. eunyoung l.

fast delivery, very well boxed parcel and good products of course.
I was impressed of excellent service and definitely will place an order again.

Sunwarrior Classic Rice Protein - Vanilla (1kg)
Therese Stewart T.S. Therese S.
5 star

Sunwarrior Classic Rice Protein - Vanilla (1kg)

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic (500ml)
Joanne/Laurie Annan J.A. Joanne/Laurie A.
5 star

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic (500ml)

Great service, quick delivery.

Waiting to see results of using product, arrived yesterday; but very happy with the service, delivery and packaging.

Apple cider vinegar

I have been an online shopper for a very long time and this is the first time I have seen such an awesome service and speed of delivery from an online shop based in Australia .Truly impressed.

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic (500ml)
Anna Stoelting A.S. Anna S.
Hemp seed oil

Great product and very healthy,lots of omega 3,6 and 9.

Accurate description, speedy fulfilment of order

Pleased to say the service was prompt and the product as described. Recommended to those who prefer not to eat meat with their protein intake.

5 star

Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Vanilla Raw Plant-Based Protein (1kg)

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic (500ml)
Barbara Maminski B.M. Barbara M.
Great product

A great product. Pleasant nutty flavour. Love it in my salad dressings or just have it straight from the bottle.

Great product, bad packaging

Great products delivered very quickly however I hate plastic packaging of which there was a lot in the box. Please use paper or biodegradable package to cut down on plastic waste. Thanks!

Hi Patrick, Thanks for the feedback. For orders that do not have glass, we usually use recycled/biodegradable packing as much as possible. For orders with any glass items, we have had repeated breakages in transport and have found bubble wrap to provide better insulation. That being said and done, we'll continue to explore better alternatives than plastic for glass items too - thank you for the nudge :)
The Carob Kitchen Banjo Bear - Carob Coconut (15g)
Margarita Sky Padilla M.S.P. Margarita Sky P.
Great site

Lots of variety, great prices and fast delivery.

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - (946ml)
Rachel Wolfgramm R.W. Rachel W.
5 star

Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - (946ml)

5 star

Excellent fast service, I couldn't be more happy. And your carob is the very best, I can't eat chocolate, and your carob is the best substitute I have ever tried. You will be getting another order from me in the future. Thank you , cheers Sandra Agius

quality product at great prices

quality product at great prices - love the convenience and service. I'll be back! thank you

H2G Organic Coconut Cream (400ml)
Organic coconut cream is top quality

Hi team, love the quality of your organic coconut cream, the great price and convenience of online shopping! I'll be back to order more :) Thank you for your great service.

5 star

POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Cacao Butter Chunks (1kg)

Exceptional service

Lyfe was amazing in their communication. I was able to converse with a representative who was attentive to my needs in terms of allergies. The product arrived shortly after placing the order. It was in a good condition. Great service.

POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Cacao Powder (1kg)
svetlana bunic s.b. svetlana b.
5 star

POWER SUPER FOODS Organic Cacao Powder (1kg)

Hemp Seeds - Organic Hulled (1kg)
peter anderson p.a. peter a.
5 star


Family favourite

Delicious healthier alternative snack to chocolate. Sugar & GMO free, our whole family loves it. Very happy Lyfe offers a much more affordable price in bulk.

Mud Whitening Toothpaste - awesome

Refreshing clean fresh teeth and mouth after just one use - will not being going back to normal toothpaste now...

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic (500ml)
Josie Felice J.F. Josie F.
5 star

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic (500ml)

Hemp Seeds - Organic Hulled (1kg)
Sara Whitmore S.W. Sara W.
Great service

Great service. Very reasonable prices and speedy delivery. Very happy with the service.

PSA Whey Protein Isolate (3kg)
Jack Leslie J.L. Jack L.
Great products, quick delivery

Love what this company is doing and happy with the products. Quick delivery with good communication all the way till my door.

Prompt delivery and service

Thanks for the great service and prompt delivery of ordered products.

5 star

Cellfood Concentrate Formula - Liquid (30ml)

5 star

I was very happy with the service provided by Lyfe. The purchase was the best value for the product. The order wasn promptly and efficiently fulfilled and as well as offering a reasonably priced delivery the parcel was ddelivered very
quickly. great service.

Cellfood Concentrate Formula - Liquid (30ml)
Haissam Ibrahim H.I. Haissam I.
All in one mineral intake

Since we don't get enough minerals from our food intake, cellfood naturally plant sourced, provides all the enzymes and minerals our bodies need to naturally help fight off infections and strengthen the immune system.
Personally I love it. How God intended it to be, get our vitamins and minerals from plants, fruits and veggies as well as nuts.

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