Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Crunchy) - 200g


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A complete game-changer in the world of chocolate spreads. Forget the rest, Vego Crunchy Spread, just like the bars, is best!

We all know that popular supermarket hazelnut chocolate spread that people are addicted to. Now imagine there's a version that uses fair trade chocolate, is 100% palm oil free, vegan, dairy free, has crunchy pieces of hazelnut and tastes divine!. Welcome to the Vego Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.

Vego Bar is quite possibly the most delicious vegan chocolate ever made. It's made with hazelnut paste and whole hazelnuts to rival the worlds favourite mainstream hazelnut chocolate bars. It's the Vego Bar in a jar with crunchy pieces - perfect for spreading on toast or warming up for a sauce. When we say jar, it actually comes packed in a glass that can be re-used. You will love Vego Spread so much that you will end up collecting a set.

Once you're hooked you can come back and by Vego Bar by the box to save!

Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar*, Hazelnuts* (22%), Sunflower Oil*, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder*, Shea Oil, Emulsifier: Lecithins (Sunflower)*, Extracted Vanilla Powder*. (*= Organic Certified)

Net Weight: 200g

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